The LémanJump Association was created to ensure the success of this project. Five key players are forming this association, all with a variety of professional backgrounds. This team’s purpose is to assist the President of the competition, in order to organize and develop the LÉMANJUMP 1, International Jumping 1 of Sciez-sur-Léman.

Alain MAURY : President of the CSI 1*
Alain Maury spares no effort to share his love for horses. Owner of the ‘’Écuries du Léman’’ since 1987, his many assets keep seducing us all. Above all, he embraces life with an epicurean approach and a sense of sharing that will delight you. His tremendous passion for horses, combined with his sportsmanship, naturally led him to offer his help and support for this CSI 1*. Alain will also amaze you by his technical knowledge, with more than 300 competitions to his credit, organized, performed and praised by the profession. Alain is also a hard worker. If he is not on his tractor, you will probably find him with tools in hand for some maintenance activity or behind his stoves to prepare a farandole of tasty dishes of which he alone owns the secret or in Megève on the riding ring of the International Jumping, for his know-how is widely renowned and is particularly valuable for others. His accuracy, his reliability, his commitment, his passion, his sportsmanship come as natural ingredients that have allowed him to earn well-deserved reputation throughout the profession and to build a huge network of friends over the years, all dedicated and convinced by his talent. Apart from the fact that Alain was French Team Champion in show jumping and a professional rider, he also held the position of President of the Two Savoies Breeders’ Union, as well as that of President of the Haute-Savoie Departmental Riding Committee until 2017.

Patricia Blanchard : President of the LémanJump Association
Patricia, a blacksmith’s granddaughter, has always been passionate about horses and has been riding for several years through different disciplines. Her strong friendship with Alain and Laura led her to get involved in the LémanJump association. Her skills and professional experience in project management throughout various companies, in addition of her current position as the Projects department manager within the Loterie Romande, appears as a valuable support in setting up the organization of the CSI 1* LémanJump.

Marc MAURY : Vice-President of the LémanJump Association
Alain can be proud of his son Marc. Indeed, it did not take long for this young man to reveal all his ambition, that of the next generation. Marc is now an experienced professional Pro 1 rider and shares his passion with many students he regularly trains. His main motivations are to see his students’ progresses but also to participate every day in the smooth running of the ‘’Écuries du Léman’’. If you are familiar with the jumping events, you are likely to meet Marc. Always smiling and even-tempered whatever the sporting results, Marc learnt from his father that it takes time to build a valuable experience, and that it is therefore better to believe in humility than to claim victory too quickly. A precision that can be of some interest for you, Marc is a fishing lover and, should you like to discuss it with him, he will be more than happy to advise you.

Laura Maury : Treasurer of the LémanJump Association
Laura Maury, as you certainly understood, is Alain’s alter ego. An unrivalled smile while fixing the many issues that arise during a competition. As a conductor, Laura sets the pace and always knows how to revitalize all the little hands busy at work to ensure that the events run smoothly. But this is not her only talent. Indeed, in the past, Laura worked as an executive in the banking field, which obviously led her to financial responsibilities, ensuring the healthy condition of the ‘’Écuries du Léman’’. As part of the CSI 1* LémanJump, Laura holds both the positions as a treasurer and a communication manager.

Gilbert Rinaldi : Secretary of LémanJump Association
Gilbert discovered the horse world through his daughter. Thanks to his strong bonds with Alain and Laura, Gilbert has chosen to get involved in the LémanJump association. His professional skills and his experience in IT, particularly as a project manager, naturally appears to be a valuable support in setting up the IT infrastructure of the CSI 1* LémanJump. Gilbert began his career as an engineer within the prestigious multinational consulting firm Cap Gemini and finally created his own consulting company simply called ‘’Rinaldi Consulting’’. In addition to these skills, Gilbert is also a professional pilot, as well as an FI(A) Flight instructor. An outstanding range of skills ensuring both rigour and true conscientiousness regarding his work performance.

Clémence Livraghi : Vice-Secretary of LémanJump Association